Virtual USSR is a virtual country which established based on ideas of Wirtland. The main difference only in the point, that Wirtland is fully maden virtual country which don’t have a past. vUSSR (not USSR exactly) is a virtual country which continues from original USSR, renewed and modern, but still with ideology of USSR.

All of us understand that it’s impossible to back USSR to the same step as it was in 1980th, before it’s crash. And even president of Russia – V.V. Putin – agree with that. But what’s the problem to be or to become a citizen of virtual country and be proud of all the stuffs what were made by our ancestors? Why not to be proud being a soviet citizen even in nowadays? Not it’s possible with vUSSR!

vUSSR is a virtual country where to be a citizen can be anybody who was born in original USSR. Also, possible to become a citizen of vUSSR in a way of naturalization.

Somebody can think, vUSSR is just one more social network, just a toy and nothing here is serious. But who knows, if today it starts from just a site, in future it can grow to a real country with it’s own territories! And “Peace, Labor, May” will be a slogan of today!

We are surely against a war, terrorism, extremism or any manifestation of aggression. If you are English or Russian speaker – welcome to vUSSR!